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An impression of paintings and drawings by L-Tuziasm
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City Trippin’ Urban Landscapes series
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About L-Tuziasm ’s City Trippin’ Urban Landscapes series.

A city in which lie hundreds of cities. A new image distilled from a mixture of impressions, adventures, stories, dreams, and fantasies of cities and architecture. They reveal themselves spontaneously on the canvas during the painting.

The fight for space has lasted for centuries. Skyscrapers loom large in the race to see who can build the highest. One building is declared a monument while another lies empty, takes on a new purpose, or is simply demolished. With them come emotions and criticisms that they are a bad match for the environment, politics and business. The city grows, while nature fades and blurs the border with the old landscape. Cultures come together, searching for a good life, freedom, love, and adventure. Manners and public spaces are rediscovered. The city grows into a metropolis in which a new skyline arises with only block-like, geometric, and repeating forms. The city never sleeps and the people are just passers-by who will never know where the city ends.

Concrete Jungle elephant, Elephant Parade

About L-Tuziasm’ s Concrete Jungle Elephant.

Auction house Christie’s, auctioned L-Tuziasm’s ‘Concrete Jungle Elephant’ for the remarkable open-air exhibition, the Elephant Parade. 75 Art Elephants created by artists including Corneille, Ans Markus and Jan des Bouvrie were placed in the streets of the city with the aim of increasing public awareness of the plight of the elephant and gaining support for Asian elephant conservation. They were then auctioned off, with the proceeds going to the Asian Elephant Foundation.

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CONNECTED A Collaborative Art Project initiated by L-TUZIASM
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About CONNECTED A Collaborative Art Project initiated by L-TUZIASM.

Connected is an art project and initiative by L-Tuziasm. In this collaborative project, the artist connects different styles by working with a diverse group of creative individuals. From mixed-media artist Udo Braehler to international street artist OX Alien, each contributes a new approach and new ideas.

The multitude of connections results in boundary blurring: between, disciplines, between artists and methods, and between so-called high and low culture. The urban environment — a recurring theme of L-Tuziasm — runs through the series as a thread connecting the works to each other.

The starting point for the series is the experiment, the meeting, and the process of making.
The collaboration comes at the invitation of L-Tuziasm, who is grateful to his fellow colleagues for
cooperating on the project, stepping out from their comfort zone and entering something unpredictable. Sometimes they work together, then go work on their own. Then comes the waiting and the surprises when the artists come back together with the work.

“Along the way, you’ll come up against plenty of obstacles, perhaps even more than when you work
alone. You are working with contrast and looking for a certain dynamic and harmony. How do you
deal with each other’s material and when is the work ‘finished’?”

The collaboration gives so much inspiration and energy that L-Tuziasm wants to make it a part of his life. He wants to continue working this way with other artists, even internationally.

City Views
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About L-Tuziasm’ s City Views

City Views was the name of L-Tuziasm’ s solo exhibition at Gallery KS21 in 2011 in Utrecht. It is the first series in which he started using block-like geometric and repeating forms to build a Metropolism.

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