Contemporary artist from Utrecht


Portrait by Raymond Dekker

L-Tuziasm (1981) is a contemporary artist from Utrecht, The Netherlands. His work is inspired by city life, the urban environment, and the struggle for space.

He is fascinated by the way that cities change and evolve over time, and how the world around us is constantly in flux. His work is an attempt to capture the essence of this change, the energy and vitality of the city into a single work of art. A new city in which lie hundreds of cities, distilled from a mixture of impressions, adventures, stories, dreams, and fantasies of cities and architecture. They reveal themselves spontaneously on the canvas during the painting.

The city never sleeps and the people are just passers-by who will never know where the city ends.

L-Tuziasm’s paintings are regularly exhibited in galleries and art spaces, and his work can be found in private art collections in Barcelona, Brussels, Stockholm, Philadelphia, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and of course, his hometown of Utrecht where he is well known for his interpretation of the iconic Dom tower, Domtoren Utrecht.

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Studio, Atelier ‘The Office’ Vlampijpstraat 50 Utrecht
KvK nr. 55696554